Our history

Established in 2017, Sarelco has become one of the reliable, honest integrated energy and commodity trading companies in the Middle East region. From the beginning, our management team aimed at becoming a global energy and commodities mediator company. Our culture is grounded in service, quality, and efficiency. Thanks to a rigorous approach to risk management and compliance, Sarelco is now well established and efficient. Having begun with a focus on oil trading, our activities now encompass all key energy products and a wide range of dry bulk commodities. We have also grown the physical elements of our business and operate a significant portfolio of assets, including logistics and storage interests.

Business development

Our model is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships both for trading opportunities and asset origination. Over the years our activities have enabled us to develop remarkable insights into the commodity sectors that are becoming increasingly interrelated. Equally, our strong physical presence throughout the value chain helps provide knowledge and identify the path for our continued growth. Partnerships with participants in the energy markets, global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward. The Sarelco business development team is led by seasoned experts predominately from the energy, trading, and finance sectors. They have extensive experience in the energy sector both in developed and emerging markets. Their skill is in recognizing and evaluating partnership-based opportunities that are fundamental to the realization of our vision.

Performance & risk management

Sarelco has diversified its business to mediate the trading in a wide spectrum of commodity products including crude oil, refined oil products, petrochemicals, natural gas, LNG, power, dry bulk, concentrates and soft commodities. Sarelco manages market, financial and operational risks associated with transporting commodities in significant volumes around the world. We aim to manage risks soundly across the spectrum. Our corporate culture stresses the values of accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organization, and the people of Sarelco take those values seriously. Risk management functions are rigorously separated and independent from front office. Risks are reported to the highest level of the company management. We employ a wide range of techniques and metrics at corporate, portfolio or trading level, and our robust control process covers the entire life cycle of risk from inception to settlement. We believe that daily marking to Fair Market Value of all positions held in the company is vital to understanding and stating our risk.

About Us


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